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Triskele Pendants - Celtic Spiral Pendants - Triple Goddess

Celtic Spirals, Triskele and Triple Goddess Celtic Pendants. (Read below for information about triple moon goddess symbol.)

The Triskele, Triple Goddess, or Triskelion symbol has been found in many ancient cultures around the world. The Celtic people in the Bronze Age called it the Spiral of Life. It symbolizes the three cycles of life in many forms: body-mind-spirit, maiden-mother-crone, and land-sea-sky. It has also been found in pre-Columbian and ancient Hopi cultures. Read our article on the meaning: Symbols - Celtic Triskele.

The Spiral symbolizes movement, the circle of life and the interconnectedness of all things. The Irish used the spiral to symbolize the sun.

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Triskele & Knot Pendant The Celtic Pendant with Triskele and Celtic Knot is a medium sized pendant full of Celtic symbolism. Two of the most enduring Celtic symbols along with a crescent moon design are all together in this stylish Celtic pendant. Product Details
Triskele Celtic Pendant - Triple Goddess Celtic Pendant Medium The Triskele Celtic Pendant is a traditional Triskele, or Triple Goddess design, in a medium sized Celtic pendant. Product Details

Celtic Spiral Pendants - Triskele Pendants - Triple Goddess Pendants

We have a growing selection of the following: triskele pendants with only the triskele design, triskele pendants in a ring of silver, triskele pendants with Celtic knots, triple goddess pendants with the solitary trislele design in silver, triple goddess pendants within a silver ring, domed and not domed, triple goddess pendants with Celtic knotwork in a ring. Some people refer to this design as the triskelion, and as such you will find the plain triskelion pendant design, the triskelion pendant in a ring of silver, and the triskelion pendant with the Celtic knotwork along one side.

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