Celtic Cross Pendants

Celtic cross pendants -We offer a growing collection of traditional and contemporary Celtic cross designs, fine crafted in sterling silver, yet very affordable. Historically, the Celtic cross is usually depicted as a cross with a ring surrounding it’s intersection.

The modern Celtic cross can be found in many variations, with and without the ring. Celtic crosses with simple or ornate Celtic knot designs are also now quite common, though the ringed Celtic crosses are probably still the designs most people picture when thinking of a Celtic cross. Celtic crosses began showing up in the regions now known as Ireland and Great Britain around as early as the 7th century.

New styles of the Celtic cross came back into popularity in the mid 1800s in Ireland, quickly spreading to other areas. That time is now called the Celtic revivial, and the ringed cross is probaly one of the most recognizable symbols of the Celtic identity. We are always adding to our collection of Celtic crosses in both Celtic crosses and Celtic earrings.

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