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Loriah Necklace is a Stunning “Contemporary Celtic” Design

loriah_mm_350This Loriah Necklace is one of the first Tribal Celtic designs in our exclusive line, and it has been one of the most popular and most enduring in terms of demand.

These have been among our best sellers from the very beginning, no matter if it has a black onyx cabochon, or one of our beautiful faceted gems such as London Blue Topaz, Mango Topaz, Mystic Fire Topaz or any of our other poplar gems.

I think the thing that makes this such a classic Celtic jewelry piece is that it is at once modern, and also has a vintage feeling to it. With the marquise shaped stone in the center and the round stones at the edges, it is well balanced in terms of the interplay between the black and the silver.

The finely crafted design is of wings of fire and it is a striking balance of positive and negative space, with fluid lines, spirals and flames.

The Loriah necklace is appropriate for men and women, formal or casual, and it’s just the right size to offset that perfect outfit.

We’ve seen a trend away from those with a Celtic heritage, or just an attraction to Cetlic jewelry in general, being tied to only the traditional designs such as the triquetra, triskele, claddagh, etc., and to be seeking out contemporary designs.

The vendors we see at shows that have created their own exclusive Celtic jewelry designs are always the ones with the largest groups of customers wanting to buy something.

It makes sense that if someone is going to spend more than $20 – $50 on a piece of jewelry, that they would prefer something unique that isn’t being worn by thousands of others around the world.

If you’re looking for a unique Celtic jewelry style as a gift for that special someone, or for yourself, this piece might be the one to consider.

Bram Lightbourne

Bram Lightbourne

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