Claddagh Jewelry

The Celtic symbolism of the Claddagh stands for Friendship (hands), Loyalty (crown) and Love (heart). It's motto is, "Let Love and Friendship Rein forever". It is given and worn, both in friendship and romantic love. It's origin dates back over 400 years from the village of Claddagh, near Galway, Ireland, but has been adopted by Celts of all persuasions due to its dynamic symbolism.

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Claddagh Bangle Bracelet - Celtic Bracelet The Claddagh Bangle Bracelet features a traditional Claddagh design, in a high polish sterling silver bangle bracelet. Product Details
Claddagh Bangle Bracelet with Green Crystal The Claddagh Bangle Celtic Bracelet has a green crystal in the form of a heart, and an unique hook for easy on-off. Very comfortable and stylish. Product Details
Claddagh Earrings with Celtic Knots and Green Malachite Heart These Claddagh Earrings with Celtic Knot have a detailed Celtic knot design as the crown. The hands rest on both sides of a green green malachite heart. The earrings are approximately 7/8" tall, not including the ear wires. Product Details
Claddagh Earrings with Trinity Knot These Claddagh Earrings with Trinity Knot are a traditional Claddagh design, with the Trinity knot at the top of the design. Product Details
Claddagh Pendant with Green Crystal and Cranes The Irish Claddagh with Green Crystal & Cranes is a traditional Irish Claddagh design on the bottom, and a more contemporary style on the top with spirals and two cranes. It has a green crystal heart. Product Details
Claddagh Pendant with Knot The Claddagh Pendant with Celtic Knot is a contemporary take on the traditional Claddagh pendant. The heart and crown of the Claddagh is suspended by a Celtic trinityknot in a vertical orientation. Product Details
Claddagh Pendant with Trinity Knot The Claddagh Pendant with Trinity Knot is a medium sized Claddagh Pendant with a Trinity Knot integrated into the top arc connecting the two hands to the heart. This Claddagh pendant is approximately 1 1/4" including the bale, and has fine detail on the h Product Details

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