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Celtic pendants: We offer a selection of unique Celtic pendants in sterling silver and mammoth tusk. Celtic knot pendants, Triquetra pendants, trinity knot Celtic pendants, Triskele and spiral pendants, Thors hammer, Claddagh pendants, Celtic animal pendants, dragons, Celtic heart shaped pendants, and many more Celtic pendants of all shapes and sizes.

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Antares Tribal Celtic Pendant Antares Tribal Celtic Pendant in Sterling Silver. The star of Antares is created here in a stylized Tribal-Celtic motif pendant with tube bale. Product Details
Beautiful Domed Triskele Pendant The Large Triskele Pendant features an elegant triskele design within a circle frame of silver. Also called the Triple Goddess or Triskelion, this Celtic symbol is one of the oldest and most popular. Product Details
Celtic Cross Pendant — decorated This Celtic Cross Pendant has quite a bit of detail, yet it is uniquely different from many of our other knot based designs. Product Details
Celtic Cross Pendant — Endless Knot Our Celtic Cross Pendant has a graceful endless knot design that makes up the cross. This medium sized pendant is unique, yet draws from ancient Celtic influences. Product Details
Celtic Cross Pendant — Ornate The Celtic Cross Pendant with ornate design is a Celtic cross design that comes together at the ends with ornate Celtic knotwork. Product Details
Celtic Heart Charm Pendant The Celtic Heart Charm Pendant is an eternal knot pattern in the shape of a heart. Even the outside silver border is a part of the Celtic knot interlace design. One of our smaller pendants, but big on style. Product Details
Celtic Hounds Woolly Mammoth Tusk Pendant The Celtic Hounds Woolly Mammoth Tusk Pendant is handcarved out of Siberian Woolly Mammoth Tusk, and the material is 10,000 - 20,000 years old. Product Details
Celtic Knot Pendant Tuim The Celtic Tuim Pendant is a large, bold, Celtic knot design pendant with four trinity shapes in the endless knot pattern. Product Details
Celtic Knot Pendant — Open design The Celtic Knot pendant features a four sided knot with a design that is open in the center and inside each knot. Product Details
Celtic Knot Pendant — Ovals This Celtic knot pendant is an eternal knot design with circular interwoven knots. This pendant is very graceful and striking. Product Details
Celtic Motherhood Pendant Our Celtic Motherhood Heart pendant depicts a mother (or caregiver) and child, within a heart, and one side of the heart is a spiral. Product Details
Claddagh Pendant with Green Crystal and Cranes The Irish Claddagh with Green Crystal & Cranes is a traditional Irish Claddagh design on the bottom, and a more contemporary style on the top with spirals and two cranes. It has a green crystal heart. Product Details
Claddagh Pendant with Knot The Claddagh Pendant with Celtic Knot is a contemporary take on the traditional Claddagh pendant. The heart and crown of the Claddagh is suspended by a Celtic trinityknot in a vertical orientation. Product Details
Claddagh Pendant with Trinity Knot The Claddagh Pendant with Trinity Knot is a medium sized Claddagh Pendant with a Trinity Knot integrated into the top arc connecting the two hands to the heart. This Claddagh pendant is approximately 1 1/4" including the bale, and has fine detail on the h Product Details
Convertible Necklace w/ Diamonds Unique Convertible Celtic Pendant — Necklace with diamonds. Goes from pendant to necklace in seconds. Product Details
Double Knot Celtic Pendant with Amber The Double Knot Celtic pendant with a Triquetra (Celtic Triangle) resting upon a rectangular celtic knot. An oval Amber cabochon swings from a hinge below catching light and adding movement. Product Details
Double Trinity Pendant The Double Trinity Knot Celtic Pendant (also called Triquetra pendant) has a trinity knot within a trinity knot. Product Details
Dragonfly Celtic Pendant The Dragonfly Celtic Pendant matches our dragonfly earrings, and is finely detailed. Dragonfly jewelry is currently very popular, probably due to the symbolic meaning given in the product detail. Product Details
Gold & Silver Celtic Pendant with Stone Our Gold & Silver Celtic Knot pendant has 14K Gold wire weaving over and under the Sterling Silver circle. Your choice of gem rests in the center. Product Details
Green Man Mammoth Pendant The Woolly Mammoth Tusk Carved Green Man Pendant is a one of a kind item. Each Green Man design is handcarved out of Wolly Mammoth material that is between 10,000 - 20,000 years old. Product Details

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