Celtic Earrings

Celtic earrings: We offer a collection of unique, quality, hand crafted, Celtic earrings in sterling silver. We have all of the traditional designs like; Trinity Knot Celtic earrings, Celtic Triangle earrings, Triquetra Celtic earrings, Triskele earrings, Triple Goddess earrings, Claddagh earrings, Celtic Knot Earrings, Scottish thistle, Celtic animal earrings, and more, as well as a growing collection of contemporary Celtic earring styles.

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Celtic Cross Earrings with Endless Knot Pattern The Celtic Cross Earrings with an endless knot design. A very nice medium sized earrings with a unique, elegant endless knot design. Product Details
Celtic Cross Earrings — Ornate These Celtic Cross Earrings are a medium sized Celtic Cross design with long lines vertically, coming together in an intricate Celtic knot design at the ends of the cross. Product Details
Celtic Earrings Eternal Knot The Celtic Earrings with Eternal Knot pattern are a medium sized earrings, but very light weight and comfortable to wear. Finely detailed knotwork is contained in a circle of silver. Product Details
Celtic Knot Earrings Reflecting Interweave Stylish sterling silver Celtic Knot Earrings with reflecting knot designs. Product Details
Celtic Knot Earrings — Circular Five Knot Celtic Earrings Circular Celtic Five Knot Earrings Product Details
Celtic Knot Earrings — Small Round Eternal Celtic Knot The Small Round Eternal Celtic Knot earrings are a small, petite, elegant design for those who prefer a small but delicately crafted Celtic knot design earring. Product Details
Celtic Knot Heart Earrings The Celtic Knot Heart Earrings are a smaller, very light weight earring design, but have a very finely detailed knot design. Product Details
Celtic Knot Hoop Earrings These Celtic Knot Hoop Earrings are a larger earring with a detailed Celtic knot pattern nested within two circles. The design is pierced through for a lighter earring, providing the striking design but comfortable to wear. Product Details
Celtic Motherhood Heart Earrings Our Celtic Motherhood Heart earrings depict a mother (or caregiver) and child, within a heart, and one side of the heart is a spiral. Rich with symbolism, these earrings are a perfect gift for mothers, caregivers, children, and others. Product Details
Crescent Moon Celtic Earrings These Celtic Earrings with Cresent Moons and Celtic Knot are one of our most popular styles ever. A crescent moon rests within a ring of silver, with a Celtic trinity knot on the top. Product Details
Domed Celtic Knot Earrings These Domed Celtic Knot earrings are medium sized, and have a unique Celtic knot pattern that is pierced through, and they are domed to provide more depth and dimension. Product Details
Double Spiral Celtic Earrings The Double Spiral Earrings are two spirals, starting in the center and radiating out in opposite directions. They merge into the circle that surrounds them. Product Details
Double Triquetra Earrings Our Double Trinity Celtic Earrings (also known as Triquetra or Celtic triangle earrings) are a trinity knot within a trinity knot. Product Details
Dragonfly Earrings, Zoomorphic Celtic Earrings Our Celtic Dragonfly Earrings have been very popular at Fairs and Festivals. They are a very striking design, in a medium sized earring style. They are very light and comfortable for earrings this size. Product Details
Four Hearts Celtic Earrings The Four Hearts Celtic Knot Earrings have a never ending knot design in the shape of four hearts. These medium sized earrings appear to be an abstract knot design from a distance, but as you draqw closer they reveal themselves to be four interlocking hear Product Details
Four Trinity Knot Celtic Earrings The Triquetra Earrings with Four Trinity Knots are three trinity knot designs, nestled above and below a larger trinity knot design. Product Details
Four Triquetra Celtic Earrings Lg The Four Triquetra in a Circle is a larger sized earring design with four triquetra knots within a circle. Product Details
Marquise Celtic Knot Earrings These Celtic knot earrings feature two Celtic trinity knots within a marquise shape. These are very classy looking earrings at a very affordable price. Product Details
Ornate Celtic Knot Earrings Unique Celtic earrings with an ornate Celtic knot design Product Details
Phoenix Tribal Celtic Earrings with Black Onyx The Phoneix Tribal Celtic earrings are mirror images of Phoenix wings, which frame the face beautifully in this contemporary Tribal-Celtic earring design. Product Details

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